Parental Consent


Parental consent is required for all young people taking part in activities organised by East Side Youth Centre.

Statement to be agreed to by parent or guardian

I understand that activities organised by East Side Youth Centre may include, but are not limited to: BBQs, swimming, basketball, badminton, roller-skating, games in the park, soccer, ice-skating, volleyball, softball, baseball, camping, hiking, biking, concerts, golfing, miniature golf, table tennis, pool, cooking, football and badminton.

Photographs to be taken and used from time to time publicise youth work at East Side Youth Centre.  If I do not consent to this I will provide a photograph of the young person so that photos can be checked before publication.

I agree to data records being retained on a database for reference and ease of contact.

I understand that whilst club members are encouraged to stay until the end of club sessions, staff are not able to detain members should they wish to leave earlier. I accept that East Side Youth Centre cannot be in any way responsible for them once they have left the premises and will make my expectations clear to my young person.

I give permission for leaders to seek whatever medical attention is deemed necessary.

I release East Side Youth Centre management, its staff and volunteers of any liability against personal losses of the young person. (This does not excuse negligence or criminal actions if so found in a Court of Law.)

I have legal custody of the Young Person and give my consent for him/her to attend youth events and activities organised by East Side Youth Centre. I understand that there are inherent risks involved in any event or activity, and I hereby release East Side Youth Centre, its employees, agents, and volunteer workers from any and all liability for any injury, loss, or damage to person or property that may occur during the course of my child’s involvement.  In the event that he/she is injured and requires medical attention, I consent to any reasonable medical treatment deemed necessary by a licensed physician. In the event of any treatment being required from a physician, paramedic, First Aider, ambulance or hospital personnel, I agree to hold such persons free and harmless of any claims, demands, or suits for damages arising from the giving of such consent. I also acknowledge that I will be ultimately responsible for the cost of any medical care should the cost of that medical care not be reimbursed by a health insurance provider. I also agree to bring my young person home at my own expense should they become ill or if deemed necessary by the leaders in charge due to my young person's misconduct.

I will advise East Side Youth Centre in writing if I desire to limit my young person's activities or participation in any way. I understand that restrictions I impose must be recorded and are subject to acceptance by the East Side Youth Centre management committee.

Nothing in this agreement affects your rights in law.

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What's on

Whats on

Club Sessions (Term Time only)

£1 per session



5.30 to 7pm Years 5,6 and 7



6.30 to 8.30 pm

Includes outdoor football and more Years 7 to 11



No Friday club at present.