Your Club - Your Rules!

These are YOUR rules, put together by young people. They apply to all. Disobeying them can mean a ban from the Club, so please follow them.

  • Most important is: Join in, have fun, and let others have fun too
  • Sign in at the start of every session
  • If you leave the Club before the end of the session, you must sign out and leave the school premises.
  • Respect EVERYONE: members, staff & visitors
  • No bullying, swearing, fighting or theft
  • No discrimination: treat everyone fairly
  • No alcohol, drugs or smoking anywhere...and no entry if you've been drinking or using drugs
  • No litter: use the bins; keep the Club and MUGA clean
  • No running or dangerous games
  • Keep safe: health and safety rules apply at all times
  • No damage, vandalism or graffiti of any kind
  • Keep computer use clean and safe (you know what that means, and if you don't, ASK!)
  • Wheeled chairs must stay in the computer room
  • No food & drink in the computer room
  • School premises & the big field are OUT OF BOUNDS

If you think we need to change the list of rules, please write down sensible suggestions and give them to a youth worker.

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What's on

Whats on

Club Sessions (Term Time only)

£1 per session



5.30 to 7pm Years 5,6 and 7



6.30 to 8.30 pm

Includes outdoor football and more Years 7 to 11



No Friday club at present.